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A special suneohair towel (hot spring towel) made to commemorate the 15th anniversary!
Not only can you wash your back with this, but you can also hang it on a towel rack at home.
A perfect piece to bring when you go to a public bath or hot spring in your neighborhood.
Not a sports towel, but a hot spring towel.
Uses 180 momme, which is not too thick and not too thin like a hot spring towel. It weighs about 60g each and is a slightly fluffy hot spring towel that absorbs water well even when you wipe your wet body after taking a bath or after washing your hair.
I hope this one will be used in your daily healing space.

■ Suneohair 15th special hot spring towel (set of 3)

Price: 700 yen per sheet We also have a great deal on 3 and 5 sets.

With flat ground, made overseas, 180 momme, white packaging Transparent vinyl bag (OPP bag)

Weight: Approximately 60g / sheet Printing color: Navy Blue Size: Approximately 34x86cm

Suneohair 15th special hot spring towel (single item)

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