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it is complete!

A luxurious texture and a nice luster that cannot be expressed with a paper sticker.

A sticker that doesn't fall apart even when it gets wet in the rain, aiming for a sticker that makes you want to put it on various places. I made.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the "children are in the car" that I've always wanted to make

"I'm listening to suneohair" sticker. (Staff talk)
Even if I want to say "I'm listening to suneohair" or "I like suneohair music very much", I can't.

For such customers, I thought that this product could be casually appealing to people close to us.

And you can enjoy 8 stickers with the one you wanted the most. I made it in a size that is easy to attach to small items for everyday use. Due to the commitment of suneohair, I had to pay for the production, saying, "I just want to make a sticker that I am satisfied with with good materials!", But I definitely want you to pick it up.
Even if you put a sticker of Taira Oyama on your smartphone or mobile phone, only some people will know that you like suneohair. If you know it, you'll know, "Oh! I love suneohair!", "You don't listen to suneohair," and you don't have to go to the station. Countermeasures against villains are also perfect items.

For customers who could not purchase at the live venue, please use it if you like, although it is a limited number.

■ Suneohair Sticker Sheet

PRICE: ¥ 1,200
Film material sticker (water resistant) / white PVC
210 × 142mm full color

Suneohair sticker sheet

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