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Special sponsorship of "Sneo Pharmaceutical"

Familiar with suneohair's "selfish CM"

"Sneo Pharmaceutical" towel set of 3

COLOR: Yellow / Yellow Green / Pink

Domestic 200 momme

PRICE: ¥ 1,500

"Suneo Pharmaceutical" also packages these three colors in a special package like this, in response to the feelings of the owner of the travel inn Shinya, "I think everyone needs towels in their daily lives."

We will sell a set of 3 towels for customers that "Suneo Pharmaceutical" gives to you at pharmacies, hospitals, public baths, etc.
With the special sponsorship of "Sneo Pharmaceutical" in a set of 3 pieces, a thank-you price of 1500 yen!

Suneo Pharmaceutical Towel 3 Sheets Set

Out of Stock
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