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It was created to commemorate the "Christmas gathering 2018" held in December 2018.

Because this live is a "gathering" ~

Gathering = Meeting, so for a little suneohair

It has a pop finish.

First of all

・ "Sky gray that crawls low"

And here is another one!

・ "The arrival of the winter general, super bad weather black"

A rock black T-shirt that is rare for Suneo.

Of course, this work is also particular about suneohair [printing]

We asked Takumi to use a thin, water-based print instead of the so-called "sticky coating".
The more you wear this, the more it blends into each person's life and creates a nice texture.

This time, what is called suneohair

"At first glance, I don't know what suneohair goods are."
It's not, so you may get caught up in a train station or town or get entangled in a defect.

However, we have received many voices from our customers saying, "I want goods that can be understood as suneohair goods!", And we will deliver this lineup at this Christmas gathering.

Of course, he will do the same polite work as usual

A gentle hand-finished print by a craftsman.

In addition, this time the size is available in 3 sizes: S size, M size, and L size.

■ [1] "Seikou Toutei T-shirt"

COLOR: "Low crawling sky gray" (heather gray x white print)
"The arrival of the winter general, super bad weather black" (black x white print)

SIZE: S ・ M ・ L

PRICE: ¥ 3,000 (tax included)

☆ The usual T of Sneo goods is ...

S size ... Length: Approximately 65 cm / Width: Approximately 46 cm

M size ... Length: Approximately 68 cm / Width: Approximately 49 cm

L size ... Length: Approximately 71 cm / Width: Approximately 52 cm

Seikou Toutei T-Shirts

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