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Celebration! 18th anniversary of debut, super rare sound source distribution plan.

From the demo sound source, this is an ivory with a taste that seems to be flowing at the supermarket sales floor, which was only played at the venue product sales corner of the 2017 "Single All Songs Tour".

"I also want to use it at the store!" "I also want to play it at the store!" In response to such customer feedback, we have decided to distribute the sound source specially this time.

Also, when playing, if you set it to "1 song repeat", it will be endless, so you can use it as BGM for actually calling in at the store together with "Ivory Super" sold at the same time.

[Suneohair demo tracks] "Waltz Super"


Composition / Arrangement Kenji Watanabe

© 2020 Suneohair All rights reserved.

Waltz supermarket

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