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A regular product of suneohair.

The ultimate design that Suneohair himself put out after thinking "I think it's embarrassing to understand suneohair" when considering the everyday use of customers. The person himself goes to the factory to actually check the material, and under the general instructions of the suneohair himself, from the selection of the body to the printing process, ink and printing method, it is a product made with a gathered master.

The more you wear it, the more it tastes, and the degree of fading of the printed T-shirt that has been washed is calculated, so you can wear it anytime.

☆ The "SUNEOHAIR" logo on the upside-down T-shirt is printed upside down, so if it is reflected in a mirror or a passing window, the suneohair logo may be distorted.

For this reason, we recommend the "upside-down T-shirt" for customers who want specifications that cannot be seen even if they are reflected in the mirror. Furthermore, because it is flipped vertically, it cannot be seen as a "SUNOHAIR" goods even if it is reflected in a mirror or a passing window. Therefore, even if you wear this goods, you will not be a fan of suneohair and you will not have to worry about shavings. (Personal talk)

● Color Heather gray
● Size
About 62 cm About 65 cm About 68 cm About 71 cm
About 44 cm About 46 cm About 49 cm About 52 cm
(Sleeve Length)
About 18 cm About 19 cm About 20 cm About 21 cm
● Materials 85% cotton / 15% rayon
● Country of manufacture Japan

Upside down T-Shirts

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