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COLOR: "Knight Mountain T-shirt" (black x white print)

SIZE: S ・ M ・ L

PRICE: ¥ 3,000 (tax included)

* Surface print only (no back print)

In response to the voices of everyone who said, "I want you to make black T-shirts for work and everyday use," Night's Oyama T-shirts are now available!

Of course, this work is also particular about suneohair [printing]

We asked Takumi to use a thin, water-based print instead of the so-called "sticky coating".
The more you wear this, the more it blends into each person's life and creates a good texture.

This time too, what is called suneohair

"At first glance, I don't know what suneohair goods are."
Don't get caught up in a train station or town

We will deliver basic items like Sneo.

Of course, he will do the same polite work as usual

A gentle hand-finished print by a craftsman.

In addition, this time the size is available in 3 sizes: S size, M size, and L size.

☆ The usual T of Sneo goods is ...

S size ... Length: Approximately 65 cm / Width: Approximately 46 cm

M size ... Length: Approximately 68 cm / Width: Approximately 49 cm

L size ... Length: Approximately 71 cm / Width: Approximately 52 cm

Taira no Oyama T-shirts -Knight no Oyama ver.-

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