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15th Anniversary TOUR 2017 "Yesterday <Today <Tomorrow <Future-FINAL-" Tour T-shirt Final model, produced in commemoration of "Sneo Hair 15th Anniversary TOUR 2017" Yesterday <Tomorrow <Tomorrow "Final" held in December 2017 T-shirt.

"Kiss me quickly" released in 2017.

And the story of the title of this tour that started in June of the same year.

The Japanese name is Brunfelsia latifolia, the flower language is "kiss me quick",

The English name is Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow, a flower called "yesterday, today, tomorrow".

It smells like jasmine. The fragrant flowers come in spring and summer. It is purple at the beginning of bloom, but strangely it is a flower that changes from mauve to white overnight. The design is based on the flower.

It has a slightly flashy and innovative color that is rarely seen in suneohair goods.

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow T-Shirts

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